From Kentucky to L.A. To Virginia from Doha.

My suitcase has traveled more miles than your average person. As a fearless explorer, there's always something that I'm searching for, tangible or intangible. It's a deep hunger to experience other cultures and understand all that I can. The little differences in every culture and subculture are defined by their unique set of values; when you understand these, you appreciate the culture. I am on a constant search for understanding.

My philosophy is it's better to have had experiences, even sub par ones, than to have none at all. As a result of my constant exploration, I have developed incredible adaptation skills and a treasure chest of different cultural perspectives. 

Dancing in strawberry fields at Huber's Farm indiana

Dancing in strawberry fields at Huber's Farm indiana

What I will profess with complete conviction is this: I live life in the fullest way a person possibly can overcoming the most terrifying inhibitions and collecting a treasure trove of lessons along the way. The experiences then cyclically fuel an addiction to seek more. I am often told my robust collection of rich, often bizarre stories rival that of the average person three times my age, and I have only just begun.

In my 27 years, to give you an example, I’ve been off-roading across the dunes of Qatar driving to the very edge of the Persian Gulf; I found myself engaged for 72 hours, unbeknownst to me, to my French boyfriend, as he halfway proposed on the ski lifts of the French Alps; I host travelers in my home via Couch-Surfing dismissing the fact they are complete strangers because I share their endless pursuit of exploration as a means to feed their souls; I moved half way across the world alone to accept a job at The Ritz Carlton Doha, Qatar; and I have pursued my dream career in advertising relentlessly yet optimistically since I graduated into the recession overcoming endless rejections to arrive where I am today. These snapshots of my life experiences all share one common link; a foundational belief in myself.

I am proud of my achievements knowing that I have earned them, and anxiously await the experiences I will continue to collect.