Live. Experience. Meet. Grow. 


A free spirit and constant explorer, I always find myself in new, interesting and at times bizarre situations. But because of this I have more stories than your average 28 year old. I am privileged to have friends from all over the world, proud that I have lived internationally, and excited about the new people I will meet...

and if I'm lucky, hearing THEIR story. 

Just as I have many stories that make me who I am, so does your brand. It takes a focused eye with a keen sense of cultural trends to clarify your defining unique story. Let me share your story.

 Barefoot. Bluegrass. Bourbon.  Homegrown.

Barefoot. Bluegrass. Bourbon. Homegrown.

 A nuisance, but from a new shines. 

A nuisance, but from a new shines. 


I prefer to stroll through life barefoot. Not because I'm from Kentucky, but so I can feel the present as intensely as possible.


Here's a small sampling of what I have done to give you a sense what I can do for you. 
Let's grow together.